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Here you will find some our videos to help you better understand what it is we do exactly.

Border Solar is a licensed Electrical Contractor for the states of Texas and New Mexico, which allows us to take the project from start to finish and control the quality of labor and components to be used in our projects. Our team has the experience to work on Design/Build projects that require Schematic Design to integrate Solar Energy in new Residential and Commercial applications, offering vertical integration of all key capabilities required for the turn-key implementation of your project. These capabilities include project planning and management, design, construction, operations and maintenance.

Border Solar prides itself by offering its customers the best warranty and highest quality, putting durability and reliability as a top priority in our material and equipment selection. This is one of the reasons that we have partnered directly with only the top solar product manufacturers and suppliers to provide our customers peace of mind and the greatest return on their investment for the life of the systems.

Mission:    Deploy and develop Solar Energy by providing professional solar integration and EPC services, and make Solar Energy a standard feature in all new construction.

Vision:   Border Solar's vision is to harvest the power of the sun by deploying and accelerating the adoption of Solar Energy to help reduce our nation's dependence of fossil fuels and reduce Green House Gases.