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Our staff handles your Solar system from design, installation, start-up and warranty. No subconractors. We have the design expertise and our Solar Consultants have the right information you need to make the transition to Solar Energy. We have YOU covered with a 10 year Installation Warranty on all SUNPOWER Systems - one of the best in the industry - and 5 year on other Solar products. Every system we install is backed by one of the best Service and Maintenance Departments in the state; ask about our Extended Warranties.

Not a Government Agency?
We also provide services for:

Residential and Commercial

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Border Solar can assist you or your organization to analyze project feasibility and different Solar Power Options. To get started, we need would need to collect some basic information about your buildings and/or goals, and simple characteristics of the buildings and/or sites (accessibility to South-Southwest sun exposure, installation type and principal electrical loads). If you have past electricity bills they will also help us, but they are not necessary in your first call.

In El Paso, Texas call us at 915-888-0008 or start by filling our online form.

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Government Agencies

Government and Public Agencies have a big responsibility of leading the way towards a more sustainable responsible community through example and implementation of readily available technologies like Solar Power Systems in their building, facilities and school systems. Solar Power Systems create awareness and show action from public leaders to help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce green house gases.

Border Solar's commitment towards the community will assist public agencies and organizations to deploy and implement Solar Power Systems as part of their strategies to achieve their environmental goals.

How Do Government Solar Systems Work:

Solar Panels / Modules
Solar Modules are mounted on the roof or around your home to capture the energy of the sun and produce Direct Current (DC) power.

The DC power generated at the modules is then sent to the a piece of equipment called the Inverter, which converts the DC power from the solar panels to Alternate Current (AC) power, just like the power your home receives from the power company through the Utility Grid.

Electrical Panel
Once the power is converted to AC power, it travels to your electrical service panel or breaker panel box, which is then distributed to the rest of the home to satisfy any electrical loads that the home is using.

When the home is not using electricity the excess power is then sent back to the grid through the electrical meter, causing your meter to spin backwards and credit your account with the utility company.

When your solar system is not producing power at night, then you will use power from the utility company or when your consumption exceeds the power being produced by your solar system, making it very convenient and avoiding the need to have a battery bank.

Community Awareness

Public Agencies and Organizations that employ Solar Power Systems help create the necessary awareness and education about the importance of Renewable Energy System and how can be implemented into our buildings, properties and use them as an educational tool.

Governmental Solar Parking Arrays

Sometimes Rooftops are seen as problematic locations for solar PV installations. Typically, they have a smaller unobstructed area than what neighboring parking lots may have. They often have elevator overruns, stair towers, vents, mechanical systems, screening, skylights and waterproof membranes which may interfere with access to the sun and create a smaller window of solar availability causing performance issues. Border Solar is committed to be a strong advocate of solar parking arrays as excellent long term solutions for large scale solar PV deployment.

Border Solar integrated solar parking arrays will provide commercially viable options for solar photovoltaic system scalability and fast project deployment, and address the need for highly visible renewable energy projects that will create market transformation and consumer awareness in the communities where these are installed. They are "Shades with a Purpose".

In addition, Border Solar can integrate your Solar Parking with the necessary Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles.